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Arrest TB plans to deliver low-cost, portable and easy-to-use tests for TB presence and drug-resistance.

University of Edinburgh, King’s Buildings, Edinburgh

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Arrest TB

Help to breathe

Our mission is to help hospitals in India during this current COVID-19 crisis, by providing oxygen and vital supplies. Currently, we are working with Christian Medical College (Vellore), and are keen to help more people. 

The COVID-19 surge in India, which has overwhelmed its healthcare system, is a humanitarian crisis. Hospitals across the country are struggling to provide emergency medical assistance, and Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, is also preparing for the worst, predicted to be just weeks away and CMC is in critical need of new medical equipment, as well as resources for its subsidised COVID care for the more than 34 million people in the region that it serves. The majority of the patients that CMC serves are poor and needy, with their financial difficulties hugely exacerbated further by the pandemic.

This fund-raising supported by Help to Breathe aims to address the patient care needs which is a minimum of INR 7500 per day for non-ICU care and INR 28,000 per day for ICU care, but this can be higher based on individual patient needs. Please donate in support of the underprivileged. To help me create more impact and save more lives, we need your support and contribution. Please back our fundraiser so that together we can save lives! 

Please donate generously: